Customized Compounding Partner

We are certain to contribute to our clients to supply our stable and good quality products by means of 60 years of technology accumulation and 40 years of overseas support performance.

Customized Coloring

We make efforts to transmit the know-how of the colorant which has been passed through the various regulations, utilization of CCM, and raising up a mixing-colors engineer, and accomplish a high qualified customized coloring from general-purpose resin to high performed resin.

Multi Point Feeding

Multi-point feeding means to supply multiplied raw materials for plastic and additive agents without mixing materials to the multiplied point of an extruder.
Therefore, it can supply a fixed quantity of a powdered filler, glass fiber, and liquid with high viscosity.

High Filler Compounding

The complex know-how of the supply method, the effect by mixing and pelletizing is indispensable to a high filling up compounding system.
We accomplish high qualified customized compounding by the utilization of multi-point feeding system.

Compounding in Clean Room

We installed the clean room with air-controlling system.
And we make the production surroundings for high qualified products to be offered the lowest ratio of contamination for the optical use, the medical use, the film use, and the sheet use.

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Started technical support to IK Plastic Compound Mexico, S.A. de C.V;
The Mexican factory of compound business of Inabata & Co., Ltd.
Started sale of yotoreru ; high performance cleaning agent for the plastic molding machine.
Sanyo Kako Co., Ltd.,  as a technical support partner for plastics compounding,
has formed an alliance with Chi Lin Technology Co.,Ltd.
Chi Lin Technology Co., Ltd. is one company of Chi-Mei Corp.Group,
and is developping the plastics compounding business in Taiwan.
We arrange to do business in Mexico as a technical partner for the compounding project by
Inabata Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Our main factory is under construction in Silao-city, Guanajuato, Mexico at the moment.
We participated in an exhibition held in "Automotive World 2012 Tokyo Big Sight"
It was called "Automotive Weight Reduction Expo."
PCTNA has been starting mass production.
We founded the compounding company with Toyota Tsusho Co., and Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. in USA.
We launched to build the factory in Franklin city, indiana. from June of 2009
We are scheduled to operate on April, 2010.